Anticipation: Day 6, Perfect Timing


I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.                   Genesis 3:15

Enter the scene in Genesis. Everything is falling apart. Separation has pierced its way through every existing relationship. The crunch of one potent bite still echoes in the garden, ringing of brokenness and shame. And then God walks in.

You can hear the strings start to pick up in the background; a clashing musical soundtrack to what’s about to unfold. He said, she said, “the devil made me do it!” Who’s to blame, who’s gonna pay? What, oh what have we done?

And as the hammer falls and expressions drop, God slips in a back-handed promise. Jesus. Born in the pain and discord His humanity inherited, Jesus fights back. Raised on the front lines of the war of the worlds, the God-man takes our share of the blows, but then emerges from the battle that this one moment of choice demanded victorious.

Here, in this world-altering moment, we see the promise of another.


About Jessi Journeyer

I'm a young woman who's been blessed with enough experiences to know that if you don't record what God is teaching and doing in you while it's happening, you're likely to forget His work and therefore miss some of the possible benefits. Initially started as my attempt to sort out the lessons God gave me in Bible School, this online-journal has grown into an ongoing chronicle of God's work and voice in my life, an attempt to sort-out the great soup of thoughts, questions and ponderings that are stirring in my heart and mind. For my benefit and, maybe, for yours.

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  1. Jessi, I love, love, love reading your writing. You are so Blessed. I sure do miss you and that giant smile of yours. God Bless

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