Wangki Mairin: Moments and Memories


I love lightening so bright it ignites the whole sky

I love lemongrass tea

I love the pounding rain

I love the sound of the Moravian choir

I love plantains fried in coconut oil

I love the sea of butterflies on Nutie’s flowers

I love the woven underside of the Discipleship Center’s thatched roof

I love the “2/3 understanding” feeling when I’m talking with Silpa and Paula

I love sitting in the front porch hammock in the middle of a big rainstorm

I love Miskito tortillas

I love being able to keep up with Tom and Nutie on my bike

I love Tuesday nights

I love mosquito nets

I love being wrapped up in my pareo, feeling the wind from the boat ride

I love feeling the thunder in the cavity of my chest

I love that “hurry” doesn’t exist here

I love the Keogh’s clay dishes

I love Friday afternoons

I love ceiling fans

I love mimicking vowel sounds when “singing” Miskito songs

I love laughing away the shocking chill of a cold shower

I love having the power to completely transform someone’s face just by smiling at them

I love dancing with the kids in the downriver schools

I love when the dance with me

I love how I see their eyes looking at me whenever I close mine

I love having to put on my OB sweatshirt at two in the afternoon on rainy days

I love the waves of shivers down my spine that come with standing directly under a fan on a sweaty day

I love how these freaky, honkin’ wasps can fly straight up like a helicopter

I love going to sleep to the sound of the bugs and waking up to the sound of the birds

I love peanut butter and nutella

I love their bamboo ceiling

I love “bathing” in water with 2-inch visibility

I love having to pull the sheet over me at 2 in the morning

I love waking up with a song in my head that I don’t understand

I love Miskito kisses

I love watching Tom and Nutie dance

I love making my English students laugh

I love that we eat rice everyday

I love Wangki boat-rides in the rain

I love seeing Selia’s eyes close in worship at the market

I love mamon

I love how weird English sounds after spending an afternoon in Spanish and Miskito

I love how easily the space and silence of life here is filled with prayer

I love being instantly enveloped by swarms of Boom children

I love having to wear our boots to take a bath and the slurping-sloshing sounds they make all the way back

I love seeing the bread girl smile as I come up to her

I love how electricity, and running water, and internet are such luxurious privileges now

I love that Waspam is now in my dreams

I love taking naps on the cold cement floor that sucks the heat right out of you (sort of)

I love that moment when I realize that it’s not a cockroach, just a gecko running across the floor


I love how God has used all the things in my life from before coming here

 … like my MK fearlessness concerning getting dirty

… like asking Lauren to teach me to play guitar

… like passing out from dehydration in Delhi

… like moving in with the Thorntons and learning how to step in rhythm with a whole different life

… like spending the previous year in various forms of heat

… like learning how to sing harmony

… like teaching 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School with Ms. Becky Glick

… like taking Hindi classes last summer

… like recognizing the healing and rejuvenating power of worshipping God in that exact moment when you feel to dry to praise

… like learning I can handle heat in Israel

… like learning how to set up a tent from family hiking trips

… like learning to French braid before 4-H camp

… like learning I can handle cockroaches if I need to on OB

… like living with on-again-off again electricity in Sentani


I love knowing that just like God has used every step of my journey so far, that “He who began a good work in [me] will bring it to completion”, laying brick upon brick, lesson upon lesson, memory upon memory on His foundation, preparing me for what He knows is next


About Jessi Journeyer

I'm a young woman who's been blessed with enough experiences to know that if you don't record what God is teaching and doing in you while it's happening, you're likely to forget His work and therefore miss some of the possible benefits. Initially started as my attempt to sort out the lessons God gave me in Bible School, this online-journal has grown into an ongoing chronicle of God's work and voice in my life, an attempt to sort-out the great soup of thoughts, questions and ponderings that are stirring in my heart and mind. For my benefit and, maybe, for yours.

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